Surgical consent form

The goal of informed consent is to establish a mutual understanding between the patient and the physician/surgeon about the surgical procedure, care, and treatment you will receive. This process allows you to fully participate in decisions about your surgery and care.

Before you arrive at the surgery center, your surgeon will have discussed with you the condition requiring treatment and the nature, purpose, risks, and benefits of the operation/procedure, possible alternative methods of treatment, possible results of no treatment and possibility of complications. Your surgeon will have given you the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered to your satisfaction.

Please feel free to review our surgical consent form, which you will be asked to read and sign on the day of surgery.

Mission Statement

To effectively provide appropriate, safe, efficient and cost-effective care to patients requiring elective ambulatory surgery


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What our patients are saying:

"My experience was excellent. Thank you to the reassuring, friendly and competent staff. You all did great."

"My surgery went fast. Everyone was very friendly, and went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. My husband was by my side as much as he could be, and when I was done, they told him right away. The nurses were super friendly and so informative. I was very happy overall with my experience there. Thank you for making this a great experience."